HVC406 Series

PrimaVac™406 In-Chamber Vacuum Sealer HVC406 Series

Ideal for large volumes and delicate ingredients
The PrimaVac™406 vacuum sealer is ideal for large volumes and is capable of packing two 8” wide pouches at a time.  In addition, it can also hold larger containers and jars for additional processing options. The Gas Flush Feature is specifically designed for packaging delicate ingredients, and is available only with the PrimaVac™406.  By replacing oxygen with inert gas, Gas Flush helps to preserve the color and texture of certain foods and minimizes the potential of crushing fragile contents by creating a pillow effect.
  • Extra-long 16″ seal bar for wide bags or 2 smaller bags at once
  • Powerful JetAire™ pump ensures 99.9% air evacuation
  • Gas Flush creates protective layer to keep food from being crushed
  • 10 Custom Programs
  • Adjustable soft air to protect delicate food
  • NSF certified
  • Available in 120V and 230V
  • 2 year warranty
  • Additional 1 year warranty available with product registration

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