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In a busy cocktail bar or café, every minute matters. You need commercial bar equipment that never falters — even when bar customers are three deep or lunch lines are out the door. Commercial blenders and beverage solutions from Hamilton Beach Commercial are built for speed and built to last.

Reduce Noise without Sacrificing Performance

The Quantum™ 950 High-Performance Blender is unlike any other blender currently behind the bar. With brushless Endura™ motor technology,  the Quantum™ 950 delivers high-powered blending with less noise and less heat than its energy-hog rivals. Because we designed the Quantum™ 950 to keep going in the toughest conditions, we gave it the best motor warranty in the industry: 7 years.

Commercial-grade Equipment for Busy Bars and Cafes

Our full line of high-performance blenders , which includes the popular Fury™ and Eclipse™ series, is designed to avoid overheating and other malfunctions, even when you’re blending drinks back to back. QuietBlend™ technology minimizes noise, so your customers can have conversations and your bartenders can hear their orders. Hamilton Beach Commercial offers a three-year warranty on most high-performance commercial blenders that covers parts, labor and shipping.

Bar Blenders with Consistent Results

Powerful and durable, our bar blenders reliably and consistently deliver drink after drink, even on the busiest Saturday nights. For example, the Rio® and Tango® models are industry favorites for their simple controls and consistent performance — and they’re priced to fit your budget.

Additionally, as frozen cocktails ascend in popularity, the Revolution® Ice Shaver/Blender has become an essential piece of bar equipment. The Revolution automatically dispenses the right amount of shaved ice into the blender jar, saving operators time as it blends perfect margaritas and other frozen drinks.

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