Salsa verde. Salsa roja. Salsa taquera. Pico de gallo. Guacamole. At busy taquerias, the salsa-making never stops. But is your blender slowing you down? 

Many taqueria owners buy cheap consumer blenders that aren’t designed to meet the demands of a restaurant kitchen. The motor rapidly burns out, and then you have to buy a new blender — as often as every month. Don’t waste any more money! Invest in a powerful, durable Hamilton Beach Commercial® blender.

Professional Culinary Blenders

Every part of the HBF500 EXPEDITOR™ Culinary Blender is built to last. The 1 Hp motor and sharp stainless steel blades blend guacamole in seconds. The all-metal drive clutch stands up to constant use. Set the one-touch CHOP function to the setting you prefer for perfect salsa, every time. One of the best professional blenders for taquerias, the HBF500 includes our 2-year Global Care Warranty.

Affordable Commercial Blenders

High-quality blenders don’t have to be expensive. The HBB908 Bar Blender, our most affordable blender, features the durability and versatility Hamilton Beach Commercial is famous for. It includes tough stainless steel blades, simple toggle controls, a break-resistant polycarbonate jar and a metal-reinforced clutch.

The 55000 Proctor Silex® Commercial High-Performance Blender is another value-priced option that delivers perfect performance. The 2.4 peak HP motor can handle beverages and foods alike, and the timer buttons make life easier for busy kitchen staff.

Beverage Equipment for Taquerias

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